VideoReDo Pro

The “go to” interactive product for broadcaster and content providers to fill in those difficult video editing, QC and conformance workflow gaps.

Video transcoding and conversion:
- Seamlessly convert between MPEG2 & H.264, VBR & CBR.
- Change chroma between 4:2:2 and 4:2:0.
- Convert non-broadcast formats such as ProRes, DnxHD, DV to broadcast ready output.
- Up- or down-convert between SD and HD formats.
- Create VBI Line 21 data from 608 captions.
- Convert between interlaced and progressive content.

Audio transcoding and conversion:
- Up-mix / downmix / remap channels.
- Transcode audio different audio codecs.
- Create LKFS/CALM compliant audio tracks.
- Auto compress wide dynamic range programs..

Editing, stitching and joining:
- Quickly clip unwanted content without recoding your entire video.
- Trim spots and creative to length before broadcast
- Add clocks, slates, and bars and tone to existing videos.
- Correct audio / video sync.

Re-wrap formats without recoding:
- Seamlessly and quickly convert containers.
- Convert multiple elementary streams into multiplexed formats
- Change caption formats to/from CDP/ANC packets to ATSC.

Quality control and engineering:
- View captioning and subtitles from user data, VANC, & VBI.
- Meter audio levels & perform file-based LKFS levels analysis.
- Check for GOP structure and bit rates.
- SDI playout to external meters, scope, and encoders.
- Display encoded sequence and picture data.

Workflow support:
- DAI support: Prepare content for C3 & D4  DAI
(Dynamic ad insertion).
- Integrate with the VideoReDo Transcoder Foundation to automate repetitive tasks.
- Built in batch facility background processing.
- SDKs to integrate VideoReDo Pro directly into your existing workflows or create custom editing solutions with your own look, feel and functionality.
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