About VideoReDo:
All video project workflows are not the same.

VideoReDo, a division of DRD Systems, has been building file-based video editing and transcoding products since 2004.  Ever since we released our VideoReDo Plus to consumers in 2004 corporate, government, production, and broadcast companies would request unique simple-to-use, yet powerful NLE applications for MPEG2, and H.264 content.  As this demand grew, we learned that rarely from organization to organization is video project workflow the same. Even similar industries had different work flow and as standards changed and forms of media distribution grew the result was a constant request of workstation and server products to address our customer’s workflow bottlenecks. These non-consumer product requests became a "go to" post production tool for quick frame accurate viewing and trimming.

Demand from our government, corporate and broadcast users to customize our editors and help them with their automated workflows led us to create a family of enterprise oriented solutions. Today, our professional products' capabilities extend beyond simple trimming to include multi-codec transcoding, audio processing, and intelligent workflow processing and much more.  Organizations around the world use our desktop and server-based tools to improve the speed and accuracy of their video processing, reducing the costs and bottleneck of video projects.

We pride ourselves on providing high levels of customer support, with same-day service before during and after installation.  Our engineering team is eager to discuss your unique requirements and create an off-the-shelf or turnkey applications for your organization's video processing requirements.

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